snapper as time machine alternative on Debian GNU/Linux

Posted on do 14 januari 2021 in linux • Tagged with opensource, btrfs, debian, backup


It must have been a year ago already that I reinstalled my Dell XPS laptop with Debian GNU/Linux. At install time I figured I really wanted to be able to snaphot filesystems, so I made sure I used btrfs as filesystem. Actually doing something with it was put …

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Allow Zabbix monitoring to switch office lights

Posted on di 29 december 2020 in home_automation • Tagged with opensource, python, hue, zabbix

As my wife is not a big fan of the colored Hue light bulbs, I removed a couple of them from the living room. One of the bulbs is now delivering pink, blue or red light in the bedroom of our youngest. The other bulb was moved to my home …

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Fiddling with Hue and Phue

Posted on di 29 december 2020 in home_automation • Tagged with opensource, python, hue

Somewhere in 2019 I bought some color capable Hue lights and installed them in the living room. The SO was not impressed. So for most of the time they were just used as normal dimmable lightning. For a brief moment I tried to do some manipulation with python but as …

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End of year cleanup

Posted on ma 28 december 2020 in news • Tagged with cleaning

So 2020 is finally coming to an end. Time for the traditional end of year digital assets cleaning / restructuring. I've decided to change the domain names in use for the last time, need to revisit web content on the corporate website some other time. The sliders have been pointing at …

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WGETting defcon28 content

Posted on za 08 augustus 2020 in security • Tagged with defcon

This morning I wanted to download a couple of talks from Defcon 28, but I ended up downloading most of them. Should have used a bittorrent client but it is not something I have on my machine by default anymore. Maybe that is my problem :-)

Screenshot of wget commands running

Anyway, I downloaded about 12 …

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