Gigatron build prep

Posted on di 25 februari 2020 in hacking • Tagged with gigatron

With the LEGO build out of the way, now was a good time to check for the prerequisites for the Gigatron build. Somewhere in garage I found a crate with the multimeter and the soldering iron. The multimeter ran out of battery, that was easily fixed with a new 9V …

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Posted on di 25 februari 2020 in lego • Tagged with space_station

Some time ago I found an announcement for the LEGO ideas ISS set. I sorta forgot about it, but then I stumbled upon a picture of the boxed version on Pixelfed. I orderded it straight away and had to wait for a couple weeks while it was on backorder.

This …

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Debian 10 on my laptop

Posted on za 22 februari 2020 in opensource • Tagged with debian, dell_xps

Today I set up Debian 10 on an older Macbook. This for most part just worked, but it did involve a couple of extra steps when compared with Ubuntu. This is just a small note to future self to document the basic setup.

  • OS install via Debian DVD 1 on …

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Posted on ma 17 februari 2020 in news

So I was at hacker hotel and it was great. I turned up for the infosec stuff, but I was inspired by the hacking stuff. 3D printers, homemade computers, silly builds. Clearly I spent too much time doing serious work and not enough really just fiddling around when it comes …

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The Prutsclub returns

Posted on ma 17 februari 2020 in news

As I will be fiddling with some hardware again, it seemed like a good time to revive this website.

More to be expected soon. For instance I ordered a Gigatron computer as a new project.